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Today we had another dull day of driving! We travelled down to Vicuña in the Elqui Valley, via La Serena which we only briefly stopped at. but a really beautiful city from the quick glance we had!

Then entered into the Elqui Valley - Chilean Wine Country! So many many vineyards around, either for the wine or Pisco Distilleries. There is quite a big water problem in this area however, and it was amazing to see how they attached netting around the grape plants to 'catch' the water from the fog when it rolls in. I found this fascinating! We arrived in Vicuña late afternoon, enough for a rest before food! So I took this opportunity to try the local speciality, goat. I find it odd how we don't eat it in England! It was very tasty...but so rich! a little like Rabbit really, or Duck. We then went back to the hostel to sleep off the travelling.

The next day, staying in the Elqui Valley, we visited the Pisco Distillery, trying some 64% Pisco..which was actually very tasty, you could really taste the grapes which is a change for something so alcoholic! We also went to a Vineyard, a modest one, there for the quality and doesn't export large quantities, run by a Woman of German origin, so it was a complete mix of Spanish, German and English..which was fine for me, though really confusing!

Then, after this, we went back to our hostel for a bit of a rest until 8pm when we drove up to this Observatory a bit of a way out of Vicuña, with a massive telescope, where we could see what made up what we see as one star...either a nebula cloud around it (also able to see the dark patches of cold) or a cluster of millions of stars, which we also see as one. The guide also showed us 2 more Galaxies that we could see with the naked eye, which was really cool. But what I found the best was this laser pen which reached all the way up to point at a singular star! With this, he pointed out all the constellations that we could see.

After this I was really ready for bed!

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