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Every now and then , for one reason or another, I get sent into a funk. Last night I spoke to my friend Kate in TN and her husband Rick is in the hospital - has been for several weeks. Fortunately things are looking better now but I was so sad to hear of all the long days Kate has to spend in the hospital as well as the long road to recovery Rick has before him. Deja vu.

This morning I kept busy getting the back two areas of the coach ready for storage. I ate leftover soda bread for breakfast before visiting the clinic to check out my left eye - another chalezian? For now I am trying eye drops.

I didn't want to come home and continue cleaning. I just was feeling at loose ends so I went shopping. Didn't find any shoes but managed to get a pair of capris. Brought coffee home for Diane and we sat outside and drank our brew on the patio. Jim compiled pictures from all of their travels and put them on a disc. It was a lovely show and it was so wonderful to see Tom in a couple of pictures - although I must admit that my stomach did a flipflop when his image came on the screen.

Had leftover corned beef for dinner and didn't do much else tonight. As I said, strange day.

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