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Barnfield Road folk... L -> R: Marie, Alex, Helen and Gareth

The phone from the TV program 24...

My phone at work! Yay!!

The Jetty at Busselton

The old Jetty. Oh, woops - it's gone!

Cute huts at the start of the jetty

The bastards are everywhere

The mainland from the jetty!

Helen on the jetty...

She's such a poser!

Gareth and Helen at the start of the Busselton Jetty

In the middle - looking ahead to Busselton Jetty and the Indian...

Looking back to the mainland on the jetty

More Jetty

Fat Albertross that keeps coming in for the fish!

Albertross gets his food and gets outta town!

At the end of the jetty - Busselton Underwater Aquarium!

The end of the jetty. Bit broken out there but the birds...

Hi everyone!

Big greetings from the two of us - who are back on the road again (albiet for just a few days) heading to the far south west of the country. Although on the map it looks like Perth is in the far south of Australia, I can tell you now, it's a further four hours (250 miles) to the far corner of the country.

We managed to find a car hire company that would give us a car for three days for 63 quid ($147). We thought that was a bargain! It was a Hyundai Accent, which is about the same size as a Vauxhall Astra - not bad going!

We left cloudy Perth behind and headed down the Southwest Highway, which is infact a single carriageway that spans the distance to Margaret River (the area in the far SW). Ironically, the speed limit on the Freeway (motorway) is 100kph (60mph), but once on the single carriageway the speed limit increases to 110kph. Answers on a postcard.

Weatherwise, the clouds were out, but it didn't rain - wahay!

The first stop we made was at the small town of Busselton, which is famous as being the place where the whales got stranded last week. By the time we got there, the whales had all been rescued (bar one - which died) and everyone had gone home, but at least there was a mile long jetty to keep us amused. Still on the verge of rain, the threatning weather didn't stop Gareth persuading Helen that it would only be a 'short walk' to the end of the jetty. This 'jetty' was actually only about 1.5 metres wide and only had a hand rail on one side! We made it to the end, not before having a great show put on by an albatross, which would fly about 100 metres over the jetty, before dive bombing into the ocean to catch fish. The albertross did this many times, whilst our camera was trying to keep up with it - but to no avail.

Anyway! Back on the road!

Lots of love Helen and Gareth x x x

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