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"There's a whole lot of nothing out there" said the Kiwi in the smoking capsule. "It must be where they keep it all", I reply helpfully.

The day starts well, some breakfast, a lovely sunrise and a feleling of well being engendered by a good night's sleep. After a couple of hours we stop at Cook, one of the oddest places I've ever been. It's existence is solely because of the railway and it is one of the remotest towns in Australia. 'Town' is actually a rather grand description (as would be 'village' or 'hamlet'). I've read somewhere it has a population of 2 (TWO - in videprinter speak), and starangely the Old Town Gaol (which resembles two wooden portakabins) has a capacity of 2! You can't trust anyone can you? The town once had a 9-hole golf course, which, unsurprisingly, since there isn't a blade of grass for 200kms in any direction, was a little hard to play and proved an unsuccessful venture. I can't help wondering whether a bowling alley mightn't have been a better idea.

The Nul' goes on forever, we've been crossing it all day and we're apparently constantly in the middle of it. I've been staring at nothing for so long I'm beginning to notice the subtle nuances between different types of nothing.

It's quite disorientating and I'm going slightly mad, as I find I have to keep checking the window on the other side in case I've missed something, like a rock the shape of a vegetable.

Incidentally, Andy and Sara, if you remeber a quiz question from the Claude, "What won't you find on the Nullarbor Plain?" - answer: trees- it's name comes from the latin 'no trees', demand a recount! I'm sure I saw one!

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