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3..2...1.. HEAVE!!!!

So long SUCKERS!!!!

the over whelming feeling of CONQUER!!!

All the B&B's

The 3 of us.successful.on the top.



On the way of the boat when we were walking through the water I saw a small sized stingray. We stayed in little Bures like the other places. We met up with Kristian and Suzannah from Denmark who had been on David's and Coconut Bay with us. The first afternoon we played volleyball, so late that we arrived to dinner late.

On the second day we climbed up some huge volcanic rocks behind our resort. Dad jumped off the edge, but he's fine, he only walked away with a broken leg - naaa not really, just jokes. There were heaps of goats and they stormed down when we got up there and it sounded like an avalanche, but there were two tiny baby goats, that were too small to run down the rocks, they were so cute.

Instead of doing maths one morning (yaaaaay) I did weaving and I weaved a bracelet.

On the last day a few people got some stuff stolen including dad who lost his bilabong board shorts.

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