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Melrose loves Dad's shoes so much she wishes to sleep by them.CUTE!!

BULA!!! (An action to te "Bula Dance" we did each night)

Fare well David's Place!!

Three hours on the Awesome Adventures 'Yasawa Flyer' through the Yasawa Islands and onto a small Island called Tavewa. We stayed at Davids Place. The people there were soooo friendly. At night we did the "Bula Dance" which is a Fijian version of the "Makarena". The next day we walked to the other side of the island where there's a a swimming and snorkelling hole. It took ages to get there because of the variety of different surroundings that we walked through. It was like a toned down version of alpine tramping. Over rocks, in the bush then in the water. It was fun though and the snorkelling was really good. We decided to go for a trip to Sawailau Caves, but couldn't go until the next day. It included a trip across to the next island to Blue Lagoon where the movie was filmed (a long time ago). So we went for a walk to the top of the highest hill on the island, then in the afternoon we went to Blue Lagoon. The beach was so white, had coconut trees and really blue water which was crystal clear. The fish life wasn't bad and there were lots of clams (only 15cm sq - small) but there were some huge clam shells, (45cm sq) though they're still not fully growen. Over all we had a pretty good day.

The next day straight after breakie we went to the caves. When you're entering there's an old sign that says:

Mind Your Head, Do Not Dent Rock!!!!!

You get in and then climb up the side of one wall and squeeze through a crack in the rock that takes you into another little cave thing ( A cave in a cave sort of thing!)

then we jumped into a really small but deep pool, climbed back up and slid out through another hole in the rock that was a shute and you had to lie down like a really long coffin and slide back down to the main pool. NOTE: not good if you're clostraphobic!!

Then to get into the main cave we had to go under water and Ben our guide shined the torch in the water and helped us through. It was really wicked except for the sea lice! The little buggers constantly bite you, it stung for a couple of seconds, which is fine, unless you were constantly getting attacked, this is not a LOL situation, I repeat not a LOL situation. The cave was pretty cool, and we climbed up about two meters up one side and jumped off into the cavern and the sound sounded like heaps of thunder rumbling through. It was cool.

The rest of the days we spend snorkelling, lying on the beach, playing vidi vidi (a Fijian or Indian board game), the boys played rugby every afternoon and the girls went to 'Aunty Fanny's Coffee House (great name aye!!) and had chocolate cake and ice cream, or the last couple of days the lady at David's Place made banana cake and for $2 we got a piece that was about a quarter the size of the cake we normally make - I'm not kidding!!!! It was good!!!

Every night they sang and we danced heaps, all the staff would get everyone up dancing. Wehn we left we got a farewell song, they were really cool and it was sort of sad to leave.

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