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The Bleached Beach of Nananu-i-ra

Hope I don't land on the Coral!!!!

If I could just get that coconut....

We got a taxi to Lautoka and then caught the local bus up to Raki Raki and then out to the Elington Wharf. Off a little boat and onto the island of Nananu-I-Ra.

We lazed around (as usual) and read books and swam and got tanned in the sun. There's a wharf on the island and we snorkle off there and swim. The marine life there is pretty awesome, although alot of the coral is dead. At the end of the wharf there is a rail, if you stand up on the rail (about 3-4 meters high, depending on the tide) you can jump off into the water. You just have to make sure you jump OVER the coral!! ONe time there was ONE, only ONE jelly fish in the whole sea and guess what?? I got stung!!

We walked along the beach on the other side, and I decided to climb a coconut tree, but I fell of and go stinging grazes all up my arms, legs and stomach. Then we went for a swim again and I got a needle sting by a different Jelly Fish - not my best time!!

On the last day at Nananu-I-Ra we kayaked around the whole island (3 hours). It was fun looking back, but really tiring at the time. My fingers got cramped and when we got back we went for a swim to cool off and I stupidly jumped of the wharf and I sprained my finger, though I thought it was a good idea at the time, it obviously was not!!!!

It all sounds bad, but it's really a cool, relaxing island and we met heaps of people. Just outside our bure we have a bowl of water for washing the sand of our feet. Every night when we came back from dinner there were 2 - 5 ginormous frogs sitting in the bucket. The frogs were about 15cm by 10cm. Huge.

Any way our week on the island was really good.

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