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Woman in the market weaving hula outfits for kids.

Typical Fijian homes.

Fijian girls in school uniforms at Levuka's port.

The villagers from Caqalai Island.

Our last night in Fiji.


Favourite Island Setting:

- Moorea, French Polynesia

Favourite Beaches:

- "One Beach" on Nananu-i-Ra, Fiji & "Public Beach" on Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Favourite Lagoon:

- Bora Bora

Favourite Accomodations:

- Royal Hotel in Levuka, Fiji & camping on Moorea

Favourite place to grab a coffee:

- Republic of Cappuccino in Suva, Fiji. Quality coffee was very difficult to find in the South Pacific. When we finally found it we visited it quite frequently.

Favourite place to snorkel:

- Caqalai Island, Fiji

Favourite locals:

- Fijians. They were unbelievably friendly. We never got use to it. We were always wonderfully surprised when a local in the supermarket or on the street would come up to us, greet us with "Bula!" and a handshake. They would always ask us where we were from, welcome us to Fiji and then carry on with their business.

Favourite mode of transportation:

- Cargo Ship


Most interesting sight:

- Man and his pet pig swimming in Bora Bora's lagoon. One night while enjoying a sunset at Bora Bora's public beach a man and his clean pink pig came for an evening dip. We've never seen a pig so happy. We were disappointed we forgot our camera to capture this unique sight.

Most interesting person/people we met:

- A family of 5 from Denmark traveling for 9 months.

Place we were most surprised by:

- Suva. We heard only negative about Suva before we arrived, but we loved the mix if Indo-Fijians and Indigenous Fijians. Suva had a bustling energy.

Place Tamara wants Jarrett to take her for their 10th Anniversary:

- Bora Bora

Things we miss from South America:

5. Cheap Prices

4. Abundance of fresh fruit in Brazil

3. Travellers we could relate to

2. Dining out at ethnic restaurants. To reduce costs we cooked our own food.

1. The passion, colour, and energy of South America

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