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The walk to the beach along the top of the island.

Jarrett bought this shirt for $1.50 CDN.


Approaching the beach and its lagoon.

A secluded beach just for us..

Jarrett cooling off.

The island had the most amazing sunsets.

Our last stop in Fiji was Nananu-i-ra Island on Fiji's north coast. The expenses of the South Pacific were starting to add up and we were ready to find work in Australia. Not looking forward to saying good-bye to the tropics, we decided to visit one last island. We heard that although the hostel at Nananu-i-ra was known for its parties it had exclusive access to the most amazing secluded beach nearby. The beach was often empty as most people at the hostel were too tired from late partying to make the 30 minute hike to get there. The beach made up for the hostel's poor management, noisy nights and lack of sleep.

The beach was incredible. The white sand arched around a blue lagoon with the open ocean beyond. A band of dense rainforest skirted the beach. The jungle gave way to a high grass covered hill that blocked the prevailing winds and gave the beach a very private feel. We spent 2 days on the beach and it was the nicest we visited in the South Pacific. On our last day we had the beach to ourselves the entire morning. We felt like castaways on a deserted island. It was a great way to end Fiji and our South Pacific experience.

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