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24th Feb '11

Today is flight day. Oh yeah!

Up at the wee hours of dawn. Well 6 for me and 7 for Margret. Usual morning start. Pack up the washing, and shaving gear. A piece of toast and coffee. Checkout. On to the shuttle bus to the Airport.

On the bus with us was 4 Americans. They were going out to the airport to pick up a rental car. There was a kiwi lady who was going to her son's wedding. She wasn't to excited about it, apparently it was his 2nd or even 3rd.

The shuttle bus driver was somewhat of a comedian. He had us all laughing most of the trip. Although he did ask me how to spell colour & metre. It was a test, I think he wanted to see if I really was a Canadian.

Got to the airport and again I was pulled aside and checked for explosives or drugs. This was the second time on this trip. Margret thinks it is the hat ( tilley ).

After waiting for our flight for a couple of hours (thanks Kindle and also people watching) we boarded our flight for Fiji.

It was a great flight. I know I said it before, Canadian airlines could take a lesson. Great food (Ok good food) and free. Drinks are free (all drinks)

On this flight I got to talk to the CEO of Pacific Air. Told him all of the above, then asked him why on the 4 times we have been on Air Pacific we never get the seats that our travel agent booked for us. He gave me some story about a new reservation system etc, etc.

That was ok as we never did have bad seats anyhow. But I though he might offer us 1st class seats on the long flight to hmmm? L.A. Didn't happen. Lol

At this very moment we are sitting in the terminal at Fiji. Temp +32. I think it is warmer inside than out.

Hey guess what happened coming through security? Came through the security tunnel without any beeps! Then..... “step over here sir”. Waved a wand up and down me, and my carry on. Then said “ok” coincidence? Hmmm?

Security in the States and Canada yet to come! :-(

Ok I am going to my Kindle.

I will continue on when I have something else to say. Ok called for our flight to L.A. So you won't here from me for the next 9.5 hours fliying time, and then more security, customs etc.

See ya shortly.

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