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At Anahi´s...Its soo nice to be in a family house. Such a nice change from a hostel. Flic and I had our own annex type thing. Here family are sooo nice! But we´re eating soo much! ha...

We arrived a little late..felt really bad cos they were there waiting for us for 2 hours! They then told us that the Bus company we´d come on was the worst there was! ha...not soo good. Glad we didnt know that beforehand!!

Cochabamba is so pretty! so refreshing after La Paz!

We arrived and had a really nice chilled out couple of days...started catching up on some of our sleep! Then On monday we tried to do to the animal Sanctuary..but they said we´d had to walk for a bit over a bridge. With all our bags itd be hectic. So we just decided to wait a day. When we got back we sat down for supper, turned on the news...and half the road had been taken by the river..people were trapped between landslides, and the town we were going to was horrifically flooded! Nightmare! So pretty good job we didnt get on the bus afterall! Gutting tough..I really wanted to go to that animal sanctuary..looked really good! But itll take a while for the road to come back so we´ve now decided to do something in costa rica instead.

So now we just stayed a few days extra at Anahi´s family, which was really lovely! And off to Sucre tonight! Just going to see more towns on the way to the Salt Flats now instead.

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