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Been here for 2 weeks....working at this orphanage has been amazing. Wouldn't have been able to stay here this long if I hadn't done something with the time. The kids have been through sooo much! but they are all so cheerful. And language wise, they're so smart, and help you try and understand them, descriptively. its amazing.

Working 2.30 til 6.30. Spent most of the first halves of the afternoon helping the kids and Professora with the homework session. A lot of this involved covering the books with plastic which wasn't with the kids so not as good. The second half we helped some of the other volunteers with arts and crafts or group activities. Mainly ending up just playing in the Playground. But all good Fun. One afternoon Me and Sofia, another volunteer played football with 2 boys..who wouldn't stop laughing at our girl skills. :) HA...was quite funny really.

Then Over 2 days we took the kids to this market fair thing. Called Alasitas, its a tradition to La Paz. They buy miniature things of what you want to gain most out of the year. Like mini packets of,,..building material.

Though my kids the first one bought them last. Given 10Bs they bought CDs..bracelets..and then after realising they'd run out of money bought tiny things for 2Bs...instead of 5. Ah well. Also I had a boy and girl..different interests which made me be pulled in every which way! Ha. Yeah..the orphanage was great fun. other volunteers were alright too. The worst thing were this massive steps you had to climb up after to get back up to the city. Nightmare!

The rest of La Paz was good..met some really nice English guys. a group from oakham which we hung out with a lot. And did the Death road with...which was wicked! So much fun! went pretty fast too. Though the way back was very dodgy. The drivers started drinking. And then on our bus, the lights failed, and we were on a really windy cliff road. Was a bit of a nightmare, and 2 guides had passed out in the front, so at one point we had to get out and push start it! ha. But we got back safe..a little late but safe. And ended up getting money off the already cheap deal we´d got. So all´s fine!

Off to Cochabamba tomorrow to stay at Anahi´s for a couple of nights. Then animal sanctuary for 2 weeks! Excited about the animal i get..Parrot or Monkey..please!!

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