My Latin American Experience 2011 travel blog

Journey to Copacabana was an experience! Due to the strikes we went bey local bus for 3 hours..then arrived at this random town in the middle of nowhere called Yunguyo. Then had to find our way to the border. Went fairly smoothly really, found a really helpful woman who told me where to find the safe Taxis. And then how to Get to Copacabana. Then at the end of a Spanish Convo said..´Bye!´ sweet!

So we then just got a tuctuc up this hill..poor guy! To the corder and then dealt with the passport things..which was very informal and was as if by choice. Then managed to get a taxi after waiting a while - strikes- with this other family. Along the roads were massive rocks to block us going. And trenches dug out too which wasnt too great for the car!

But finally got there and met Dan, who´d lkeft Puno a little earlier than us. Not much happened there. Just had a chilled out time there. A lot nicer than Puno.

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