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Osorno Cathedral

Old fort tower, now Historical Museum of Osorno

San Francisco Church in Osorno

Odeon Gazebo, Plaza de Armes

My flights back to Canada were originating in Santiago, but I'd already toured there and didn't really want to spend more time in the big city. So when my bus from Bariloche arrived in Osorno, what appeared to be one of the least developed cities in Chile, or at least of the ones I'd visited, I quickly decided that this would be the perfect place to spend my few remaining days.

I found a small hostel near the bus station, more like a boarding house actually as it seemed to attract longer-term Chilean businessmen and college students rather than tourists. The owners and other guests were beyond friendly, and although very basic the rooms were very clean. I will admit though, that I initially thought I heard rats in my room overnight but, finding no offending rodents at closer inspection (past midnight, pitch dark, heart pumping!) I deduced (read: did a bit of wishfully thinking!) that the noises were coming from the cats in the kitchen next door and not actually from within my walls!

It's quite likely that few foreign tourists visit Osorno as it could be viewed as somewhat short on the charm department. But I did manage to find a few interesting spots around town. More of my time though was spent chatting with locals and other hostel residents, in Spanish I might add. I had decided to donate some of my travel clothes before leaving South America (get rid of them here instead of hefting them home in my backpack) and had to explain to various market stall owners, recipients of the various items, that everything was still in good condition but I never actually wanted to see them EVER AGAIN after wearing them almost nonstop for the last year! I also got "interviewed" on the street by some cute junior high schoolgirls (likely because I was the only foreign tourist in town!) making some kind of video presentation to honor a significant anniversary of their school.

One common theme developed out of my conversations with the hostel residents. They were mostly all working at jobs they didn't like, or taking classes that would put them in careers they didn't want, because they couldn't afford the university tuitions to help them develop their particular interests. One young lad, for instance, dreamed of taking computer training but had to work for a furniture manufacturer because he couldn't afford the US$5 per month tuition fees. Another young fella was an extremely bright and talented artist but couldn't afford the equally small tuition fees to attend art college, so instead was attending free government classes to work construction. I couldn't help but think, for possibly the millionth time this trip ... do people in North America realize how truly lucky they are??

Anyway, all too quickly I was saying goodbye to my new friends in Osorno and was catching an overnight bus for my 12 hour northbound journey to Santiago. And once I left Osorno, I felt like I was officially on the road home...

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