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Sea lion colony at Punta Norte

Close-up of male sea lions (courtesy of Eco-Centre)

Close-up of female sea lions (courtesy of Eco-Centre)

Young orcas practicing hunting techniques along shoreline

Orcas playing with caught seal (that's seen to the right flying in...

The Orca Phenomenon (courtesy of postcard)

Armadillo around beach at Punta Norte

Elephant seals on beach at Punta Cantor

Close-up of male elephant seal (courtesy of Eco-Centre)

Close-up of female elephant seal (courtesy of Eco-Centre)

Choique (I had to take photo of stuffed bird in museum cause...

CJ & penguin at Caleta Valdes

Penguins at Caleta Valdes

A little penguin love action

More penguins at Caleta Valdes

Someone's having a bad hair day!

Another penguin shot

I didn't see any young babies ... but thought this was just...

Photos only ... see "Whales and Other Tales" (story #113)

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