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Surin night market

All sorts of vegetables

Chillies of course

These are flower buds! Used in cooking



Red ants and rice anyone?



Grasshoppers I think

not sure.............

Insects being fried

Dragon fruit

Tree apples

ummm, curly things!?

well....something to eat!


tiny crabs!

Crisps on a stick

Being made


Thai BBQ

The brazier type fire

Aim, our co-ordinator was an expert at cooking (unlike us)

Water around the brazier acts as a cooker for noodles and vegetables

Fat put over the brazier before cooking

In the cooking process!

Temple we got blessed at

Our first classroom

Teaching body parts



Ummm....never was a good drawer


A willing student has stickers put on him by the other kids

He LOVED it!

Such great kids

Remember school milk?

This was "Ice"...such a cool name

This is "Note"..

Another class

They LOVE the hokey cokey!


Attending the temple on "Buddhist Day"

The rice pots for each monk


Me and Deb outside the temple

"O's" Bar in Surin.

Evening relaxing after a hard day at school

Fellow volunteers

Pretending to drive a tuk tuk!

Fellow volunteers on our way to see the Silk village outside Surin

Amazing looms that fell two floors for the silk lengths


Such fine threads





Silk from this village is what King of Thailand has his robes...


Intricate patterns






Loved the way they used their feet on the looms



John bored by the inevitable shopping aftermath

Not really

Amused himself by taking pics of very cute kids!

Silk worms eating the mulberry leaves

Silk worm cocoons

Mulberry leaves




Traditional jewellery making


Typical jewellery style of this area

Mr Jewellery himself

Purchases from the silk village


Week two of teaching

Onto numbers!

5 little ducks went swimming one day....................

New class

Boys pigtail, very traditional hairstyle rural Thailand

Gets cut when he goes to be a monk



Such great kids

Saying goodbye

Presents a ball and a donut

One of my favs!


Staff and Principal say thanks. Rosette is a gift from them

Kay and I...

D, Kay and I at a massage place

A bug for Dr Smith

John on the rickety bridge over the canal

Menue had "Ant eggs: po-king frrom a tree" !!!

Had so much laughter here!


Poy and Debbie


No one had the heart to tell "O" that wasn't the way...


A Debbie "special"


But John wasn't here!

Debbie packing

Saying goodbye

We took a bus fro Samet to Surin. Left at 4pm and arriving at 3.30am in the morning (was supposed to be 1am but hey ho!). We got transferred to our volunteer house where we'll spend the next two weeks.

Surin Market:

We had a weekend free before we joined our volunteer project, teaching English in a primary school. Before that, we explored some of Surin including the market there. Fabulous fruits and vegetables and exotic foods....including fried insects...grasshopper anyone?!I think the red ants and rice served in a green leasf were the most appetising!?

All sorts of food here to eat, chicken and rice typically 25 baht (53 pence). We had curly potatoe chips served on a stick...vey hot powder sprinkled on them that made us cough.

Thai BBQ:

One night one of the co-ordinators took us to a Thai BBQ.This was a very busy restaurant that had tables with recesses in them to hold charcoal fired pots....they were lit and a steel grids put over the top. You went and chose the food you wanted and then cooked it yourself at the table over these brazier type fires. First you put lumps of fat and bacon on the grills to cover them before placing vegetables, meat strips, etc over them The pots were surrounded by water that became a soup from the juices of the cooked food...very nice...but a lot of our food got burnt we were not too expert at this, not like the locals.


On the morning of the first day of volunteering we got taken to the Buddhist temple to be "blessed" by the monk. He gave us a string bracelet that was to give us good luck. You wear it until it falls off.

We travelled to our rural primary school each day in a songthaew...The schol was rural and we taught 4 different classes aged from 5 to 12 years of age. I was a bit nervous about teaching, but Debbie is a trained teacher and with her help we planned some good fun lessons teaching colours, body parts, numbers and the alphabet.I surprised muself with the ideas for teaching, which included getting the kids to put yellow sticky labels with body part names on them onto a fellow student.

Silk Village:

On the weekend we took a trip to see a Silk village which has been selected as providing the fuinest silks, so the King of Thailand gets his robes made from silk from here. Great to see the weaving sheds where the looms had a two storey drop for fine lengths if silk production. The threads were really fine and colourful and the weaving done on traditional wooden looms. The patterns are intricate and the subsequent weavings really fine quality. We also saw the silk worm process, from worms eating the mulberry leaves to becoming cocoons to actual threads!The inevitable shopping followed the visit, so much stuff, so little space in luggage!!!

Week two of teaching:

Had younger kids in the second week and we did lots of games and singing i.e 5 little ducks went swimming one day, 5 sugar donuts in the bakers shop...etc. These are wonderful children, eager to learn and reluctant to take a break when we stopped teaching. Such a joy to be with.

Friends and leaving Surin:

I had an amazing time in Surin. Thanks to all the friends we had such a great laugh! Enjoyed being with them all and will miss them now.

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