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Spencer in car 12

Owen in car 14




Back straightaway









What a day!!!! Spencer and Owen have been looking forward to this since Christmas and it was worth the wait! Vroom- vroom was the sound that greeted us as we approached the track. After registering, we were able to watch the 9am group finishing their laps. The excitement was palpable!

The boys changed into their driving suits, did classwork, and then it was out to the track. I was so excited to see the guys get into their assigned cars and put their helmets on. The camera was clicking a mile a minute. Jim and Diane were there enjoying this event as much as everyone else. What fun to share this happening with friends!

The first 20 minutes on the track the cars ( in 3rd gear) did "follow the leader" - a Cadillac CTS . After coming into pit row, they stopped their cars, got out, and went into a large van. The instructor drove the 9 participants around the track highlighting the race line- where to brake, where to accelerate off the apex of the corner. He then demonstrated how fast you can go - remember this is an F350 van - and scared the pants of everybody!

Back in the cars, the group did "follow the leader" in 4th gear doing about 110 mph around the track for another 20 minutes then back into pit row for more instruction. Finally, the group was let loose on the track. What fun!. The kids had a ball! Both Spencer and Owen were awesome drivers and really didn't want to stop when their time was up.

Some of the photos are mine but most are from the professional photographer's package that Spencer bought. What an awesome experience! Owen went so far as to say it was possibly the best day of his life. How can I top this next Christmas?

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