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We spent the morning yesterday doing our washing, cleaning and shopping. Whilst out we went back to Fantastic Furniture to have another look at their beds as we are a bit over sleeping on the floor. We did manage to pick up some side tables to put next to the bed but the beds were just too much money to spend given we are only staying here for 6 months. As we headed home I was checking out 'Gumtree' on my Iphone and noticed a bed for sale which was close to where we were so we called them and went round to have a look. Bingo - it was just what we needed and the price was definitely right. Will pick it up during the week. Went home to have some lunch and I was fiddling around on the computer when I decided it was far too nice to stay indoors so I grabbed my camera and went out for a walk. The suburb we live in, Battery Point, is just so beautiful with many historic homes and gorgeous gardens. I ended up walking for about 2 hours happily snapping away with my camera. I have uploaded some of the photos for you to see.

Today, Sunday, we decided to go and do a tour of the Cascade Brewery. This is a fabulous building built back in the early 1800's first as a timber mill and then converted into a brewery. The tour was good giving you all you need to know to brew your own if you felt so inclined but the bonus was tasting the produce at the end. There are also some beautiful gardens here so it was a lovely spot to just sit back and relax.

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