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cars on the island waiting to make the crossing

At the lookout at the neck on Bruny Island



A few little stop off points to enjoy the views




what a beautiful beach




enjoying the walk along the peninsula



Ken puts the finishing touches to the wall of the whalers hut


oh so cute



Well for a day that started off on a bit of a sour note it turned into another really lovely day. I was searching through the internet on Thursday checking out tours for Mum’s visit when I noticed a special offer on a trip up to Wineglass Bay. I have been hankering to get up there to have a look as it is renowned for its beauty but as it is also a bit of a drive we hadn’t yet managed it. When I saw the deal being offered on the tour we decided it would be a great opportunity to get up there without having to do the driving. I had a conversation with the tour guide on Friday and it all sounded great so I booked but when I went to pay he asked me to phone the booking agency as he was out on the road. I rang the agency but the lady there was a bit flustered and told me she couldn’t process my payment either. She put me on hold, made another phone call then came back to me saying it was all organized – I could pay the tour driver on the day. She said we would get a phone call the night before giving us details of the time we would be collected – around 7.30am. So – Saturday night comes and no phone call. I phoned his number left a message, phoned again leaving another message, phoned again – still no response. We decided to get organized as if we were still going to go but by this stage we were starting to feel a bit wary. Woke early this morning – phoned again – left yet another message. Maybe he lost his phone? Gee, hope the bus didn’t break down or something. We decided to wait outside all ready to go and just hope he turns up. Rang again and finally – a human voice!! When I explained who I was he said that as I hadn’t phoned he thought I had decided not to come and the bus was now full so he couldn’t fit us on the tour. So not happy Jan!!!!

Came back inside for a chance to cool off (my anger that is) then pulled out the maps to see how else we should spend our day and decided on Bruny Island. To get to Bruny we drove for about 30 minutes south of Hobart to a little town called Kettering and drove on board a car ferry which took us over to the island. Bruny has a northern and a southern section joined by a long ‘neck’ of land. It took about 20 minutes to get to the neck where there are boardwalks and steps up to a look-out. The boardwalks protect the dunes where hundreds of little penguins have their burrows - because of the time of day though we knew there would be none to see. We climbed up, up, up the stairs and were rewarded with a fabulous view of an amazing beach – very windy though. There was also a monument to an aboriginal woman named Truganini who, along with the rest of her family, was one of the original natives on the island when Europeans came to settle. The story of how they were treated was horrific – and I am glad it was being told. I felt as though by doing so they were finally being honoured for who they were and what they went through.

We then drove on into Adventure Bay – the beach we had seen from the lookout. It was just as beautiful up close, the crystal clear water beckoned us for a swim but the cold wind deterred us. Instead we decided to do a walk out to the tip of the peninsula – about an hour return. This was a beautiful walk offering soft footing from all the pine needles, frequent glimpses of the ocean and information posts at intervals telling the story of the whaling stations that were once here. When we reached the tip we found another pathway to a different walk which we would also have loved to complete but decided to leave it to another visit when we had a bit more time. On the walk back we came across an echidna scratching around in the dirt with his nose in the ground searching for food. At first I crept up quietly so as not to scare him off but we soon realized all he was interested in was finding food. This is my very fist sighting of an echidna so it was pretty special.

After a yummy picnic lunch (I just LOVE those fresh cherries) we now drove across the middle of the island, through dense forest till we reached the other side. We then drove back up this coastline heading back to the ferry for the return crossing. We have decided we would definitely love to go back to the island again – it would be a great place for a chill out weekend. There is also an awesome boat trip you can do around the cliffs on the island so we will have to save up to do that one too.

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