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The 1st Feb we had an 8 hour shuttle bus trip to Lanquin. It turns out a shuttle bus is a van that they cram 12+ people into, with no air con and no leg room. Brendan was ridiculously uncomfortable and I was lucky enough to sit next to a couple who spent the entire bus trip touching each other inappropriately...luckily there was another group of Aussies and Swedes on the bus and we formed a group that travelled around together for the next couple of stops. We got to Lanquin and found an amazing river front resort (El Retiro) where we had saunas and a huge buffet dinner.

The 2nd we did a tour to Semuc Champey, a candle lit water cave tour (amazing! Swimming through caves while holding up candles) and tubed down the local river.

The 3rd we thought we had to get a bus at 6am so were up bright and early only to find out we were on another later bus. However, a member of our new group had wandered off drunk at 4am that morning so we spent a couple of hours searching for him, terrified he had decided to go swimming in the river alone in the dark. Luckily Brendan found him safe and sound, but not until after they had missed their shuttle to Antigua. We managed to help them get seats on our bus and left Lanquin at 8am for Antigua

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