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Thinking heading south for the winter was a good idea has turned out not to be such a good idea this winter (although not sure where a good place to be is this winter)! We have had a few nice days but for the most part it has been cold, windy and rainy! We have had some beautiful warm and sunny days in the low 70's but all this week has been nasty and cold. Wednesday night was down to 20 degrees with northwinds and wind chills at 7 degrees! OMG is is cold with the high humidity and they say these rigs are made for 30 to 90...boy do we agree with that. Last night we had freezing rain and woke up this morning to the motor home covered with ice. It is 2:30 pm as I write this and it is now 36 so the icicles are melting. We have started our work camping experience but it has come to a halt in this weather. The owners purchased a FEMA trailer to rent out and we are remodeling it (right up our alley). To make a long story short, it is full of rot, inside and out. We started in the bathroom, only to discover the walls there are gone as well as part of the roof and floor. One of the nice days we tore part of the roof off so it could dry but the rain moved in so it is now covered with a tarp waiting for the weather to straighten out. And since it has been so nasty, we haven't been out and about much to explore. We did drive into Pearland one night to have dinner at Gringo's for our anniversary. The food was yummy and very Tex-Mex, can't wait to find a good BBQ place nearby. Anxiously awaiting some nice weather so we can drive to the Gulf which is only 30 miles south of us...of course I am ready for another "shell" fix!

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