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On waking my stomach was even worse than any day previous. Very confusing as I have been taking Diarrhea relief.. or so I thought. After thoroughly inspecting the packet I learnt had been sold Laxatives instead of Diarrhea relief. Very unhappy and feeling poorly, our departure from KL was up in the air. The worst place to get stuck ill, I thought. Luckily after some PMT {positive mental attitude} I decided mind over matter and we set off for the bus terminal. We opted against the hectic bus and settled for a taxi which wasn't that much more expensive for the minimum hassle, although the driver did at first take us to the wrong place. The bus to Melaka was very nice, spacious and quite comfortable. We managed to get some shut eye on the way down and the 2 hour journey seemed to fly by {with no accidents concerning bodily fluids} which I was thankful for.

We proactively stopped at the bus ticket desk to book our next bus to Singapore in 2 days time only to find that all buses are sold out for the next 3 days due to high traffic traveling back home after Chinese NY. Melaka has a notorious China town and Chinese community and people travel here for holidays, so know wonder its a popular place for the biggest event in the Chinese calender. Luckily after asking the same question repeatedly one of the counters managed to get us two spaces on a bus tomorrow morning. We had to take it although a little sad we are not spending much time in Melaka.

We had a long bus journey from the bus station to China town. The driver waited for 20 minutes whilst overloading the rickety old bus then drove the entire city before finally arriving at our destination. We were dropped off at Jonker Street which plays host to the popular night market which occurs on weekend evenings. Luckily it's Friday and Chinese NY so we're in for an entertaining night. We walked through the Chinese lantern lit streets and there was a buzz in the air from the festivities. We found a nice room and immersed ourselves into the carnage. Come nightfall the whole of China town was out on the streets. We scaled the stalls where charismatic salesmen were selling useful household products, ancient I-Chang fortune tellers were making predictions and scrumptious food stalls were excreting delicious smells. A giant stage was erected and the Chinese were taking it in turns to sing Karaoke {some good, most bad} to the crowd. As it got dark all the lantern were illuminated and the streets were jam packed with smiles and laughter.

We soaked up the atmosphere for most of the evening and bought some unnecessary {although useful} merchandise before heading back due to another early morning tomorrow....

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