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Here comes the 'car ferry' at Sayaxche

The Rio Cabahon and its magnificent surroundings

The pools at Semuc Champey, seen from the viewpoint

Just beautiful

One of many dips

It was a long way and several bus connections to our next destination, so we took the easy way out with a tourist shuttle which picks you up from your hostel. Even so it took 6 or 7 hours to get to Semuc Champey, via a place called Sayaxche, where we had to cross the river. You can imagine our dismay as we saw the “ferry” crossing over to collect us! Fortunately the crossing passed without event and we made it to Lanquin where we transferred into a 4WD vehicle for the rest of the journey.

This is stunning countryside, very rural, and completely unspoiled. Semuc Champey is a place where the Rio Cabahon thunders down a gorge and passes beneath a limestone bridge. Well, most of it does, but some of the water passes across the top of the bridge in a series of about 8 pools until rejoining the main part of the river further down the gorge. We climbed to a viewpoint to get a good perspective. Soon we needed to cool off, luckily the pools are beautifully clear and you can swim in them, and jump or dive from one to the next. We spent a very lazy day there, enjoying the pools and a picnic in the sun.

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