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Well We´ve done the Inca Trail! Was hard work, and I was quite affected by the altitude which took a bit of the fun away. Along with every corner producing more sets of vertical steps...the IOncas had to be so difficult! Ha, it was hell at the time, but amazing also, our grpoup was wicked and we got on so well, also great to see the guys from school. The evenings were the Best, socialising in one of those big tents eating the amazing food cooked by the porters - though I couldnt completely enjoy it as I hd to refrain away from the food a little due to my dodgey stomach! But our last night before Machu Picchu was spent in a Hotel in Aguas Calientes, where we went in some free Hot Springs..a little grimy but an experience nonetheless!

Arriving at Machu Picchu seemed less of the aim after that. It was great, though it was covered withy fog for the morning. The walk seemed way more of the achievement. Though Machu Picchu was incredible, it seemed too much of a tourist spot and a path much travelled. Regardless of the constant trips to the loo throughout the night, and the constant fainting feeling I felt the Walk was worth it, though was very taxing on us all.

Had a lovely last night in Cusco altogether and then we went our separate ways..

Now in Puno, festivals on and the band plays the same tune again and again! And instead of the safety measures of england. Here they jut hold the fireworks in their hand, like catherine wheels too.

the other night we saw the floating islands which were really amazing but soo touristy. Peru seems to live for the tourists which isnt great. Then we wenty and stayed on Amantani Island for a night with a family, was amazing. dressed upin their traditional clothes and did their dancing, got some amazing views and their cooking! a lot of rice, but amazing what flavours they managed with their kitchen just a fire. You got to hand it to them, they are very impressive with what they work with.

Now just about to leave Puno and Peru and Off to another part of Lake titicaca and Bolivia. Copacabana for one night then off to La Paz and hopefully find a flat! Bit complicated at the moment though a few strikes going on so our plans were a little mixed up. But we´re able to get out of Peru!

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