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Waiting to be taken on Epi`s eco-tour of his village


Lunch during our eco-tour...

Epi showing us a green bean...

Downtown Levuka...

The plane we took to Levuka

Ovalau Airport...

Flew from the mainland to Ovalau in a 14 seater plane which took 12 minutes. So small was the plane that the co-captain was giving out safety instructions. Once we had landed we caught a taxi to round the island to Levuka (the old capital of Fiji). We checked into the Royal Hotel (the oldest hotel in the Pacific), the four of us managed to get the last room available in the hotel. We were also sharing the room with a family of rats and I caught one of them eating through a plastic bag to get to our bread at 3am.

We spent the morning of our first day shopping and looking around Levuka. Marie & Siobhan retired to the pool at our hotel for the afternoon whilst myself & Sharna carried on shopping.

We ate every evening at the Whale`s Tale Restaurant, one of only three restaurants in Levuka. You could get a great three course meal for 5 pounds.

We were taken on an eco-tour by Epi of his village (Lovoni) in a extinct volcano in the centre of Ovalau. The tour included an hours around the island, a talk by Epi on the history of the villagers and Ovalau, lunch cooked by some local women, a presentation of kava to the chief`s wife (the chief was at the dentist - a Marine Reach vessel from New Zealand was docked in the harbour of Levuka providing medical attention to locals) and a guided walk through the farmland and hills surrounding the village where Epi pointed out medicinal plants and crops.



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