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Luke attempting a smile on the miserable Mana Island

Mama`s restaurant that failed to serve any delicious food!

Leaving to go to Mana on our luxury cruise liner

Checking out the beaches

We spent 2 nights on Mana Island which is located an hours boat ride from the mainland. It was raining when we arrived and to add to our misfortune we were greeted by a massisve Fijian woman called Mama who told us she would be our "Mama" for the duration of our stay on Mana Island - Great!!

Mana as an island was beautiful and really picturesque, one afternoon we saw a couple posing for their wedding photos on North Beach. Fortunately for them, they were not staying with Mama in her grotty place but in the expensive lodge on the other side of the island. We`re well used to dealing with basic accommodation but Mama`s was an exception-as well as having to wash alongside cockroaches with sea water (not great for your hair), the toilets were blocked and they didn`t attempt to clear them. To add insult to injury it was fairly expensive to stay with Mama and Joel (her poor skivy who she constantly hounded to do all the work). We`ve got no idea where our money was going but it was certainly not going on the upkeep of Mama`s Palace or the food that she provided for us.

The food was another sore point of our stay on Mana. Clearly they are not used to dealing with vegetarians; when they served chicken stew to Sharna (she had told them when we arrived that she is a veggie) she politely informed them that she didn`t eat any meat. After a while she was asked if she ate eggs, not wanting to put them out by having to cook eggs for her she said that she`d happily eat vegetables and rice (what the rest of us were having along with the meat). A good while later (after everyone else had finished eating) Mama came out herself to sort the situation (Joel must have been busy doing something else), she said that she didn`t have any more vegetables. The now starving Sharna said that she`d happily eat what we were eating minus the meat. And what was she served with? Chicken stew with veg-her serving of chicken was bigger than ours put together!

We spent our time during the day, sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Not much else was going on and everyone kept themselves to themselves. Saying that, Siobhan managed to find the love of her life in the form of Lloyd of Letchworth (Bats!)

We happily fled Mana after two nights in Mama`s company and her charging me $2 for a measely chocolate bar which had a sticker for 69 cents on it.

Our advice to you all....if you ever come across Mama and poor for your lives!!!!!

Marie x

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