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Photos for Livingston are in the next entry.

We crossed the order into Guatemala at Corinto – another uneventful crossing, hardly anyone about at that time of the morning. After changing some money (Honduran lempira to Guatemalan quetzales) we were bamboozled into paying way too much for a transfer to the nearest town. One day I will dedicate the journal entry to all the things that didn't go so well, and right up there will be the rip offs or Local Price vs Gringo Price.

Anyway, from Puerto Barrios we caught a boat to Livingston, a beautiful boat ride along the coast. Livingston is a Garifuna village. These people were kicked out of St Vincent when the Brits took control in the late 1700s, and colonised the coastal region of eastern Guatemala and northern Honduras. The town has a very strong afro caribbean feel to it, and some amazing twists to its cuisine. One night we tried tapado, a “fish stew flavoured with coconut and coriander”. When it arrived we were astonished to find the bowl contained a whole fish, a whole crab, several prawns and other shellfish, numerous pieces of squid, and finally some things that we didn't recognise at all. The owner told us they were river slugs (well that's how my limited spanish translated it) which you suck out of the shell. Call me a big wuss but I wasn't going to suck river slugs for anyone. But slugs apart, the tapado was divine.

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