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It's a long way home

Hyams beach


It's not Wales, it's Kangaroo Valley

Helene has not quite perfected bowling, it's more bouncing

And the winner is ....


Helene and Ruby in our little bogan shack

The view over Nowra and out to Jervis Bay

Our little sticky friend


An Englishman abroad, sponsored by Vodafone




Swimming on Huskisson Beach

I've almost perfected my Wallace smile


Sunrise over Eden




Overlooking Twofold Bay in Eden


90 Mile Beach

Hi again,

We were really glad we persevered with Jervis Bay and gave it another chance, after the lashing rain accompanying our first visit. Second time around, it was absolutely stunning, and one of our favourite places in Australia.

We camped just near pretty Huskisson Beach and (cliché alert) were lulled to sleep by the sound of the surf crashing. I suppose there are some upsides to tent living... We spent a lovely day at nearby Hyam's Beach, which apparently has the whitest sand in the world – it certainly was up there on best beaches we'd ever been to.

What's so brilliant is that because there are several beaches around Jervis Bay, all of which are pretty much as amazing as each other, none of them are too crowded. And it's also refreshingly underdeveloped near the beaches – a far cry from the likes of Surfer's Paradise. The sea was also the perfect temperature; cool enough to be refreshing but warm enough to stay in for ages and spot the dolphins swimming just a bit further out!

Less scenic was the local dump, where we swapped a dead car battery (yes, Ruby had a side of the road battery-changing adventure) for a semi-broken fold up camping table which has already proven to be jolly useful, if not totally sturdy... Our transformation to Bogan status is complete.

From Jervis Bay, it was on to Eden which was, in years gone by, a big whaling centre and is now a good place to spot whales in winter time. We had high expectations of Eden and it lived up to its name. We were only there the one night, but treated ourselves to delicious local seafood while watching the sun set over the bay. And then, purely by chance, we happened to wake up early enough next morning to catch a stunning sunrise. Another spectacular spot and all the more special for it being very unspoilt and untouristy.

After Eden, we had a one night pitstop at a decidedly average place called Lakes Entrance, and then it was on to Melbourne where we are now, kindly being put up by various friends. We'll do a separate blog entry for Melbourne (which we love) once we've moved on to the next place. Right now, we're gearing up for on Roland's birthday on Wednesday, which also happens to be Australia Day– ever so good of them to lay on fireworks for him...

Hope all's well back home.

Take care and lots of love,

Helene and Roland xxx

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