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26th November


Matt looked after me and drove to a place with a view on the espianard so I could have a lie in while he had a walk on the beach. Once I had recovered we visited a museum with a sharks mouth for a door.

Vic Hislop is in the guiness book of records a number of times for catching big sharks. In his eyes the great White is pure evil. Because of over fishing of their usual fish diet they are hungry and ao going after dolphins, whales, seals and humans. They must be stopped and it is his personal duty to do so, literaly single (and bare) handedly. His museum was put togeter with pritstick and his home made videos, explaing that whales beach themselves because they are afraid of nasty sharks, hold unfathomaly large amounts of comedy value. It also was the only place in the world with a great white on a huge freezer. Amazing.

We had a lazy lunch with cards and we abused a service station, across the road from the park, for it's camera charging willingness and promo girls giving FREE MILKSHAKE. Ronnie, are you listening? Free milkshake. We made a number of trips there.

We hung around to see wet side, a public water park which was putting on a night water and lights show to music. In between they created a wall of spry and projected adverts of the sponsers onto it. It was magical, glad we stayed.

We were however to tired to attempt to free camp here again and too cheap to pay for expensive campervan sites so we headed back to faithful Maryborough. I was still on edge from getting scared last night and driving throught the graveyard and spooky old housing area didn't help, especially as Matt was playing ominous music. I was parinnoyed all night. Wimp.


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