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11th November


Whale day! We got up early and had breakfast at the lookout point. We were told it was going to be stormy, so we divided our two remaining sea sickness tablets between the three of us, but it was glorious when we got on the boat. It was quite small so we got to stand right at the front and before we had leftthe harbour we had already seen Australian fur seals. The water was clear and we saw so many beautifuly elegant yellyfish and a hammerhead shark right at the front of the boat, we were lucky as we only got a glimpse for a second. We then spotted our first po of whales. There was a mother, calf and escort. We saw them surface their backs and blow. The calf was playfully comming up often and splashing it's tail out. We were surprised how easy to spot they were and how close we got also thought we would be lucky to see a tail out once bit I caught a few on camera. We moved on and found a pod of dolphins. As soon as they saw us they headed straight to us, bounding over out of the water and swam in the bow of the boat so close for so long. Louise was beside herself, she says they are her new favourite animal (was Koala last week). This happened a few times and on our travels we also saw some more seals (one jumped right out) and a Cormarent. Apparently they are only here for a few weeks a year and we were realy lucky to see one, no one was particularly excited but they were right about luck being on our side as we spotted two more humpback whale pods. This time we saw an adults tail and at one point heads were bobbing out of the water (called spying) then we saw a full breach which is where they jumped right out of the water. Our flabber was ghasted, we thought we were lucky to see one tail! It happened again twice and I managed to get two perfect photos which is also rare because of the roll of the boat. I say it was all luck because I managed to zoom aswel, a few photos of the landing were just of the sea then the sky but that can be easily deleted. Just as we thought it couldn't get any better and had settled into some soup a huge adult surfaced meters from the boat. We could see it's white belly and barnacles. It was the same size as our boat. Amazing.

We left on a high and even went back to the information centre to thank the women we had spent ages with yesterday. They wernt there but everyone came out the office to see the photos, they said it doesn't get any better than that.

We were content with that and took it on our cheese trail. First stop was a factory which makes all the cheese you see in supermarkets, so pretty basic but there was an 'amoosing' model of a cowtapillar. Stop along the way for a porcupine type creature on the roadside. A few more cheese sampling shops and a winery and we found a place to park up for the night. We did a very Australian thing and drove out for an ice-cream (we have to stop at every hungry jacks for a 50c cone) and retuned to our rest stop. The sun was still up so Matt and I decided we wanted a wash and I managed to wash my hair in the freezing cold tap then had a freezing cold, yet cleansing, water splash. The police did a drive around and we joked about them thinking that we were nudists because we only had our swin stuff on. Later that night while we were plating cards a dodgy man with a dodgy van and a dodgy trailor I'll of dodgy things parked behind us for a while, engine running, then drove off. Later a man on foot came aroud us with a torch. This, combined with the fact that we were the only ones there (for the first time ever) and the police felt the need to patrol the area, freaked us out. At about 10pm we decided we didn't feel safe, we packed up and drove to the next village and parked near a playground. At least it had street lamps.


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