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Ellen: (Note: we decided to date our entries when the events took place, not when we are writing about it - today is actually the 28th.) It´s been a while since we´ve posted anything, but I think that´s for the best because if I had written about our trip into Honduras closer to the actaul time I would have just been cranky and raving. So let me preface this by saying that I KNOW this is part of the ADVENTURE, and I KNOW we ASKED for this, but holy crap it took us TWO DAYS to get to the country NEXT DOOR!!! Actually, it is pretty fun to look back on it, but during the trip we just did our best to keep ourselves from hating Central America. I think we did a pretty good job, actually.

Kevin: It actually became a running joke about which town could possibly be the crappiest (in a fun way, of course. We are on the trip of a lifetime, after all). I think Rio Dulce won.

Ellen: I agree, but in a way I actually don´t like us writing this kind of negative stuff about these places, like calling them crappy, because I really believe that one of the main points of this trip is to get to know the world for what it is and how so many other people live. I´m struggling with calling it like it is, and trying to be as respectful as possible.

Kevin: So here´s how we went from Flores, Guatemala to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. All prices are totals including both of us.

Flores to Rio Dulce: "first class" bus, 4 hours, 230Q ($28.75)

Rio Dulce to Lìvingston: lancha (small boat), 1.5 hours, 150Q ($18.75)

Lìvingston to Puerto Barrios: lancha, 45 minutes, 50Q ($6.25)

Puerto Barrios to Entre Rios: minibus, 1 hour, 20Q ($2.50)

Entre Rios: paid Guatemalan exit fee of 20Q ($2.50)

Entre Rios to Corinto, Honduras: Pickup truck, 10 minutes, 10 Lempira ($0.50) (3 times!)

Corinto: paid Honduras entry fee of $6, in some of our actual US dollars

Corinto to Puerto Cortes: chicken bus, 3 hours, 58 Lempiras ($2.90)

Puerto Cortes to San Pedro Sula: minibus, 1.5 hours, 34 Lempiras ($1.70)

Totals: 5 different modes of transport, 11h 45min (actual travel time), and $70.85. Check out the map to see how far it is (not very!).

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