My Latin American Experience 2011 travel blog

Well...we´re here!!! Its all very surreal, after so much preparation!

To say we arrived with a bump would be appropriate. Was all okay, changed at Madrid and touched down through the mountains into Lima airport. We went through the baggage collection....the worst part after what seemed an age my bag appeared...and felicitys didnt. We found out that it was on another flight and should be arriving this afternoon, and we would have it tomorrow, sent to our hostel. So not so good...only to get more stressful to find that the taxi we´d organised wasn´t there. So great. Luckily a nice man from another company, involved with the airport gave the hostel a ring and we sorted out our taxi guy..and arrived here after incredibly dodgy driving...a free for all whoever can squeeze where, regardless of white lines, and roundabouts where there was no system, just policemen there told people when to go or not. A nice safe hostel, though we can´t quite get into out our room for 2 hours, its nice to finally be able to bag short. We are now waiting for a little to have a rfee spanish lesson included in the stay..and then hopefully a nice sleep, and catch up on the lack of during the flight. Theres apparetntly a free alcohol-drinking sesh here tonight!! Niceee....

and we await the supposed rucksack tomorrow..fingers crossed! Love to you all!

Well, adios for now! x x x x x x x

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