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Ok so you asked for an update - you have one.

I'm sorry about the photo - my dad took it as we were coming home and now it's the only one I can find to test out the uploading deal. And before you say it no its not safe to go around without pants on the off chance of snakes but its 29 degrees out so I figured the chances of heatstroke were greater. Today (because yesterday I spent the day op shopping so it's only fair really) we went out for a walk in the paddocks ( shovel and hoe in tow al a 7 dwarves) and played spot-the-thistle, which then turned into the popular stress reliever attack-the-thistle. Seems while my skills of balancing on a blunt shovel like its some weird pogo stick in an attempt to shove it into the ground have improved, my weed hacking has not and I soon got regalated to cottonweed (spreads like crazy but easy to pull thankfully) - it may or may not have looked like a small cyclone had hit the cottonweed section of the paddock by the time I was done with it.9 days till I leave and counting...

Rocking the short shorts and gumboots :)


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