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Friend Mark gave us some stuffed pork loin with cranberry sauce he...

Another beautiful Arizona sunset.

(Ron Writing) This morning Elena had an appointment with her cardiologist in Phoenix. She had a list of questions to ask him. It turned out we only saw his nurse practitioner but she seemed quite knowledgeable and was very patient about answering our questions and providing advice. A Medtronic technician read the data out of the loop recorder and said that no unusual events had been recorded.

Since our last blog update friends Tom & Sandy, snowbirds from MN and our full-timing friends Dick and Dot arrived back at North Ranch with plans to spend the rest of the winter here. We’ve been having fun visiting with them and catching up on each other’s summer adventures.

Elena went back to her Tai Chi class last week and that went well. She’ll probably get back with her aerobics class again soon also.

We’ve really been having great weather. Most days have been up in the 70’s this past week and all the neighbors are outdoors either relaxing or working on projects. If you want to attract some visitors in an RV park just open the hood on your truck or crawl underneath your RV and you’ll soon have curious visitors over telling you all sorts of “war stories”. Good fun!

A few days ago I upgraded my Apple MacBook’s memory and hard drive. I took out the 5400 rpm 120 GB drive and replaced it with a 7200 rpm 500 GB drive. The old drive was about at 90% of capacity and this was really slowing down the computer. I also replaced the 1 GB DRAM memory with 6 GB memory. These two changes have really given new life to this 3 year old computer.

On Friday John and Elena and I attended an AARP Driver Safety Program. It is offered each winter here at North Ranch but this is the first time Elena and I have taken it. It is supposed to give us a few percent discount on our auto insurance premium.

(Elena Writing) A big "Mahalo" (Thank You) to all our readers/friends/family for your thoughts and prayers since my episode a month ago. I received excellent health care at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix and the Del Webb Medical Center in Sun City West. United Health Care has "graciously" been paying my medical bills now that I've met my deductible. Thank God for his healing and giving me strength and love that everything will be OK!

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