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Serendipity beach sunset

Serendipity beach

Bamboo Island

Ugly feature #2

Sokha beach

Verena's Prawns

I found my Austrian friend Verena whom I met in Phnom Penh when I arrived. We had booked into the same guesthouse which was pleasant surprise.

Sihanoukville is beautiful however it has been infested with fancy resorts, private beaches and tourist. the infrastructure in new fancy resorts taking place all around indicts the future of this place. Walking down the main beach where all the tourist hang out, it could easy be forgotten that you are even in Cambodia. There are backpackers from everywhere on Serendipity beach, outnumbering the locals, and the bars that face the beach all have cheap beer and look the same, it is hard to tell them apart. This is the party beach and at sunset it looks unreal- with the sun setting on the water and a buzz around you everywhere. The kids play O&Xs with you- if you loose- you buy a bracelet and they are VERY good!

To get away from the tourist Verena and I decided to take a boat to Bamboo (Koh Ru) with two short snorkeling spots on the way. This was my first snorkeling experience so I thought it was cool but the visibility was not great, the fish all where similar and Verena assures that thailand is much better. The coral had some nice colours and the fish, (black and white stripes) where cute.Bamboo Beach was lovely and peaceful. We lay in the sun read books and relaxed on the beach chairs provided. Ahhh...

Again the following day, trying to avoid the inevitable tourist, we decided to walk to the next beach across. On the way we can across another very ugly feature of two loins in the middle of the roundabout. Not sure if it is as ugly as the Melaka one?

Sokha Beach was also very pretty. Not too many people, clean, shallow water and a gorgeous sun to soak our bodies. Just relaxed and took it easy/ (I found out latter that it is a private beach and we should have not been there unless we were guest at the resort- no wonder it was quite!). That night we returned to the place we had dinner the the previous night just off the road to Serendipity beach. A little family run business with smiling faces. We went back for the Smoothies $1, and they were so happy we returned that when Verena ordered Prawn noodles, it came with more than 40 prawns in it! That would NEVER happen in OZ! I had to help her finish them after the noodles where gone! The Smoothies however took there toll- being made with ice- and we both ended up on the toilet for most of the night!

I returned on an early bus to Phnom Penh To pick up my charger today. It has been replaced and didn't cost me a cent (phew!). The lovely guesthouse that I stayed last time I was here, (Tat Guesthouse, street 125) let me leave all my gear here for the day without booking into a room. I went out for dinner with Gwen and on My way home we had an accident. My Tuk Tuk was doing a U-turn and a motorbike carrying 3 people crashed into the side of us! No one was hurt- actually it was pretty funny and Inevitable to me! I am taking the midnight bus to Siem Reap and meeting Mum and Dad on Saturday, followed by Alicia and Lach on Monday. I am Very Excited!

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