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One of the social rituals we were looking forward to when we made our short return to southern California was going to dinners at our friends’ homes.

Nancy and I are both good cooks and for the past nine months have made 95% of our meals at home in ‘the Neighborhood’ But enough already, that is a lot of your own cooking, regardless of how good it is.

So now, we have really been enjoying “other people’s” cooking.

So far we have enjoyed a dinner at Ron and Suzanne’s. It was a great chili made for a cold and rainy night, because it was.

We had a great evening at Tom and Amy’s. A delicious prime and Yorkshire pudding was on the menu. Perfect for a rainy evening, because it was.

We had a great dinner at Karen and John’s place. It was a mighty fine Chicken Picatta and we ate the whole thing. It wasn’t raining, but it had been.

We had a truly great New Years Day Lasagna at Bruce and Denise’s. It wasn’t raining, but the next storm was due in the following morning. The meal and company were great.

We have had multiple dinners and Ben and Karen’s. Including our most recent dinner there, an awesome Black Bean soup, perfect for a rainy Sunday evening.

Our next meal up is one we both have been waiting for. We are dinning at Paul and Barb’s today. Diane and Dick will be there also. Barb puts on a feast whenever we are all together. Good vitals. No rain in sight!

After this dinner, we will be getting ready to move on to our next site, so we will be busy cleaning all the clinging, wet, sand of off everything.

Once settled we will be making plans for a few more OP dinners.

We have a great warming trend coming up, so we can start reciprocating on the many fine ‘OP’ dinners and having all our friends out to our new camp.

See you all soon

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