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We got to Jim and Pam's Thursday night, freshly showered and hungry. We pretty much hung out all evening eating pizza, drinking beer and chatting. It was great to see these guys again as well as see how much little Alexa has grown in the six months since we saw her last.

Our weekend was super chilled out: we got out for a couple of hikes with baby, grabbed some really-damn-good Thai food in Carytown (the hip area of Richmond), learned to play Mexican Train Dominoes and ate several meals on the back deck. Pretty crazy to visit once in December when the trees have no leaves and it's snowing and cold, then to visit in summer when it's gorgeous out. Jim put in a set of horseshoe pits in the back yard, so I threw my first horseshoe, or at least threw one for the first time where a game was involved. We also watched The Matrix 3, Star Wars Episode 2 and The Incredibles - all three were supposed to be watched in one evening, but when The Incredibles ended at 2 a.m., we all were ready for bed.

On Memorial Day, we all got up and headed to Charlottesville (about an hour west of Richmond) for some breakfast, then Sam and I hit the road for Strongsville, Ohio, to visit Nate, Dave and Michelle again and to head to Cedar Point the next day. Our westward journey has begun!!!

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