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Cameron Higlands Water fall

Cameron Highlands Caravan park

Native flower from botanic gardens

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NYE Celebrations

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Beach at the National Park

Boat at National Park

Marika and I spend one last day at the Cameron Highland. We did an extensive bush walk on a trail that I think was no long a trail as it was really tough and not on the newer maps... We hiked to the top of the mountian and on the way down we were using trees as ropes, as we hiked down what was very steep, slippery trail- It was nice (and challenging!) to be out in the cool fresh air and get some good exercise! that night a kind Malaysian man Krishna Invited us around for dinner to teach us to cook a vegetarian Indian dish... It was so lovely to be invited into his home and he taught us about the hindu gods, which he had many shrines of the goddess Kali, to whom he prays. He believes Kali to be the most powerful of all the gods/Goddesses, connected to death, strength and maternal love.

I was hoping to Head to Taman Negara (the Jungle) for new years but all local advice told me that the wet weather was not a good time, and the forecast was rain every day...

I was having a nice time with Marika anyway so I decided to follow her to Penang for New Years. They had a festival at the Jetty with bands, food and fireworks. The massive rain pour from earilier meant there was nowhere to sit but everyone was in good spirits. There was a local Penang band called Planet who played some hit malay songs. It was fun to watch the locals sing along. What was even funnier was when a malay cover band came out and played Limp Bizkit followed by Lady Gaga...I made a little video..

It was an interesting crowd, they seemed hard to please, rarely clapping after songs. A lot were just standing around waiting for the New Years, it was like they hardly noticed the entertainment in front of them but I guess I am use to the crowd that gets progressively drunk and very enthusiastic for the New Year! Good ol' Aussies! The fire works were nice, with a lot of hand shaking and wishes for the new year. Marika and I felt like the only foreigners until we ran into 4 Americans from Oklahoma and New Mexico. We headed to the reggae bar and talk about The Simpsons, South Park and other American legacies. It was a really fun night that ended at 4pm.

the next morning(/afternoon) Marika and I head to the National Park. The day before we had gone to the Botanical gardens but not stayed long, because a monkey had chased us for trying to take a picture. It was full of them-ARROGANT SHITS!. the monkeys at the National Park had intimidated me the same. They are cocky, confident and scary!!!. There were some nice beaches there, and we spend the day sunbaking and bush walking.

After saying farewell to Marika, I headed back to KL. I decided I will chill back at Bird nest guest house and organise my photos, do some edits and and Back up. I helped Willi (Birdnest manager) with his new hotel today and I plan to do the same for the next few days. I leave for Cambodia on Wednesday.


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