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Me and the Boa Tree Plantation

Boa Tree Plantation

from Boa farm

View from Boa Cafe

View from outside Boa Cafe

road to Gunung Brinchang

Magic Spiderweb

pitcher plant pink

pitcher plant red

hanging water plant

I arrived at the Cameron Highlands yesterday afternoon with Marika, after spending the night in KL, returning from Melaka.

We went on a planned tour today to see some of the sights of Cameron Highland. With 8 of us in a 4WD we started at the Boh Tea Plantation. The views were spectacular! Rolling hills with Camellia plants from every angle. It really is very beautiful. After a explanation of the way the tea is harvest we spent some time in the cafe that has a 180 degrees view of the farm and had some highlands tea. From there we headed to The Mossy Forest in Gunung Brinchang, highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia that is accessible by road at 2032 metres above sea level. it is a 230,000 year old forest. Unfortunately we were not in the group of the lucky ones who get to see the Cameron Highlands from this height on a clear day, as our viewing was met with no visibility due to the clouds...

We then went trekking through the forest with our guide, who knew EVERYTHING about the flora and fauna. He told us all about the forest, what you can and can't eat, why it grows so slowly, the moss... hey really new his stuff which was such great way to see the forest, rather then taking your own trip. The forest is home to “pitcher” plants. They are carnivorous plants with “pitfall traps” which attract small insects that drown in them before they eat them. Everything was so beautiful! it is a really surreal -I think the movie Avatar got it's inspiration from this forest. There are intricate spiderwebs with droplets of rain that make them look like snow flakes, little burst of colour from the native flowers set against the deep browns and vibrant greens of the foliage and a muddy path that is lined with the green moss that makes the path bounce underneath your feet.

The tour then went to the butterfly farm but Marika and I weren't too interested as both of us have been before, so instead we wandered around the markets, had some deep fried sweet potato and BBQ corn and checked out the strawberry merchandise which is EVERYWHERE. From Strawberry earmuffs to Strawberry Umbrellas to big stuffed strawberry toys- If you need anything strawberry- you can get it here!

It started raining this afternoon so I decided to come back and make an edit of my day. It is mostly shot from the back of the 4WD or while trying to watch where I was going so it is a bit bumpy- but thats the day I had. This blog site is shit for movies so you can view it on my youtube...

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