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Tis the Season

For Christmas Eve Day we went south to Nancy’s Aunt Lois and Uncle Wally’s. They were her parents’ best friends and even attended her birth. So, when she says she has known them all her life, you get the picture. We shared some great stories and laughs.

We had spent the previous day preparing the meal. Nancy made a top shelf brisket and I added some enhanced garlic roasted mashed potatoes. She also put together her famous pear and blue cheese salad. Then she topped it all off with a new recipe for brown sugar torte.

With all things made, we loaded up our cooler and zipped down to Oceanside. Everything warmed up as Nancy and Lois set the Christmas Dinner table. Wally and I sat and discussed important issues over some mighty fine brandy eggnogs that he made.

Dinner came off without a hitch. What a warm and cozy experience the afternoon was. We did the same thing with them last year, and plan on being there with them again next year.

By chance, Jack and Sharon, from frozen York, Pa. were also in Oceanside visiting Sharon’s Mom. So we programmed Emily to get us there from Aunt Lois and Uncle Wally’s place. It was only 8 miles away so we got there in no time.

The cast of characters were: Jack and Sharon, her mom Mary, her aunt Kay, her sister Eileen, her son Greg, and most importantly her newish grandson, Kai.

Christmas truly is best viewed through children’s’ eyes. It was fun to see Kai experience the excitement of present opening with all the paper flying and exclamations of pleasure. He got a drum and was already looking pretty proficient with it. Lucky mom when he brings his presents home.

Sharon’s family is a hoot and we had a great time while there. They have known each other since Nancy’s childhood. Jack and I observed the festivities over several glasses of mighty fine wine. Nancy drove us safely home.

We had planned on Christmas Eve being our day of celebration and taking a low profile and staying around home on Christmas. So things worked out great.

Merry Christmas from Craig and Nancy to all of our readers.

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