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Me dancing with the dude

Chinese Karaoke cheers!

Henry Keith and Marika Karaoke

Bukut Cina

Just some of the girls from the indian family


What a fabulous Christmas!

It all started when Henry and Marica from Holland and Keith from the UK and I decided to go out for a couple of drinks in Chinatown on Christmas eve. The was a big celebration and the streets were lined with market stalls with gifts and food. Every Chinese pub was packed to the brim and there was a very noticable Christmas cheer in the air. We found our spot at the front of the stage at a bar, where a Chinese performer was singing American cover songs and all the locals were singing along with beer in hand. Then incomes this eccentric Malay man, dress in what resembled what michael Jackson might have worn. No shirt, black and gold blazer and a gentlemens hat... He was trailed by his gorgeous Indian wife, also in what you could call a costume, and there young son...

This is where the party started, the malay guy was serenading tables, dancing on the bar, and he paid attention to everyone in the bar. He was a real performer with a charismatic charm and checky grin! He pulled me up on the dance floor (not that one really existed) and we boogied to the cover of the beatles Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. It was hilarious and so much fun. As midnight turned we counted in the Christmas like it was New Years and there were toasts, cheers and hugs all around and a congo line started around the room where many joined in. It was a hoot!

We then went to a locals house and had some beers with them while watching the Hong Kong musical Air Hostess... On our way to find another bar, a old Chinese group beaconed us into their Karaoke bar filled us with their beer and watched as we appallingly tried to sing Hotel California and ABBA! In fact when we started it was had to pry the mic from us... It is really funny how seriously the Chinese take their karaoke. They were as good as we were hopeless!

This morning we woke to spend Christmas day seeing more of the sights of Melaka, I wanted to go to Bukit Cina a hill that is a very old Chinese graveyard- there were some broken down tombstones that didn't seem very well looked after or cared for. It was hard to tell how old they actually were. I also wanted to check out the Portuguese settlement. Keith and I were walking there, when we got called in to join an Indian family for their family Christmas. It was so lovely! there were at least 20 adults and kids there, to name them all by name would be impossible. We had some awesome homemade Indian Curries rice and rotti plus cakes, cookies and sparkling wine. That afternoon the Eldest daughter did my hand up with Henna, some of the kids got it done too. They invited us to stay for dinner but we had a party planned back at the hostel just with the other backpackers. We got back to Jalan Jalan Guesthouse and had Pizza, chicken and beer and chatted late into the night with all the (mainly dutch!) travelers. it was a good day!

My favourite thing of the day- The kindness and generosity of the Indian family and the yummy curries

What I miss most' - My family today

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