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101220 (Elena Writing) - I would be doing holiday baking this time of the year but we've had a "hectic" week. Last Wednesday, I had a fainting episode during exercise class. Paramedics were called to help me and I regained consciousness. They rushed me to Wickenburg Community Hospital and quickly performed an EKG. The test results showed that I was likely having a heart attack. Luckily, the Director of Cardiology from Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix was there on a scheduled visit and was consulted about my medical condition. He came to my side and asked me questions relating to symptoms of a heart attack. I was alert and felt fine. They later took a cat scan of my head to determine whether or not I had an aneurysm and also an ultrasound of my heart. Test results were great but further testing was required at "Good Sam" in Phoenix.

At Good Sam, I underwent a number of tests and they monitored my heart for about three days. Tests revealed no problem. A loop recorder was implanted to further monitor any heart incidents. I was released last Friday.

Unfortunately, I had another fainting bout on Saturday night and was helicoptered to Del Webb Medical Center in Sun City. Again, numerous tests were done and results, once again, were favorable. I was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope or orthostatic hypotension which is very common. It can happen when you are experiencing anxiety or fear, when you stand up too quickly, you stand for long periods of time, or a variety of other things that can trigger it. I was released yesterday.

Today I'm taking it easy and doing well. People have stopped by to see how I am. I've become a "celebrity" in this small friendly community. Ron has been a great caregiver. I thank God for his love, comfort and healing.

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