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View from our balcony

We shared the beach with this!!!!!

Viv and the full moon



After a very long journey which consisted of an nightboat, two minibuses, a night stopover over at the harbour, then speedboat, we arrived in the Perhentian Islands. As we arrived we were greated my crystal clear watersea and golden sand. We found a lovely bunglow, which had beautiful views of the beach!

The islands remain very untouch by tourists, with only one hotel, and small bunglows, and the only shop a small minimart. The main attraction is snorkelling, and we went on an amazing snorkelling trip around the islands. We saw beatuiful coral, lots of variety of fish, sharks, and the highlight a huge turtle!

We also sampled some of the nightlife! and met some very strange people! The most memerable being the owner of the lemongrass resturant, his DJ skills were unique, and constantly threatened to 'kill you' if you didnt come to his resturant or his party. We also met a bizarre german, who took delight in explaining to us his experiment with mosiquitos! He when out into the jungle, only putting insect repellient on one side of his body. He then recorded how many bites he optained whilst walking and standing for a selective period of time! Interestingly he found he had the same amount with or without repellient.

The wildlife didnt stop at just fish! Whilst having an afternoon drink, we saw met a huge beast which looked a cross between a lizard crocodile and snake! Neadless to say we finished our drinks very quickly!

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