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Dipping my toes

Mekong with boats

Novices on dodgy bridge

After we spent a few leisurely days here, visiting a waterfall in a national park, had a lovely Lao massage and some very spicy food, we're feeling the urge to move on. Specifically to Lao's capital, Vientiane (or before the French renamed it, Viang Chang).

There is quite a colonial presence here and the architecture is reminiscent of perhaps some quiet backstreets of Paris or Marseilles(Croissant and baguettes are readily available). The French that are holidaying here too are quietly proud of the old colony. There are in fact a lot of tourists here which is partly why we want to leave. It's a very pretty town that has laid itself down to tourism, hugely. Yeah OK, were tourists too... but we're different ;-)

Next stop, the big city (after 9 hours in a bus)

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