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This cabinet door above the sink had hinges on the right side...

Now modified to have the hinges on the top and gas springs...

(Ron Writing) We continue to enjoy beautiful weather and work on some outdoor projects. I have three projects going simultaneously because I work on one for awhile until I get stuck needing hardware and then I switch to another project. Yesterday we had to go to Wickenburg for a doctor appointment so I went to ACE Hardware and got the parts I needed to proceed.

Today I finished one project. I modified the door on the cabinet above the kitchen sink so that the hinges are on top rather than on the right side. This door is rather wide and when it is standing open it is sticking out over the aisle in front of the sink. I know this because I have a couple dents in my noggin to prove it. So I decided to modify it before I get a concussion! Now when the door is open it’s flat up against the ceiling so I can’t hit my head on it. I installed some small gas springs which both hold the door open and hold it closed. Big improvement.

Elena did some baking a couple days ago. Made a batch of cookies and also some honey-oat bread – both delicious. She’s also working on another big project. We got all our old travel diaries out of storage and she is entering all that data into the computer. As long as we’ve been married we’ve always kept handwritten diaries of our travels. Since we started full-timing we do the same thing but it’s all in Microsoft Word on the computer. We first type our journal entries into Word and then cut-paste it into our “Trip Journal”. When Elena finishes this project we’ll have all of our travel diaries and journals in one Word document. We’re doing this because we often find ourselves wondering about our past travels as we are traveling now. Having it all in one electronic document will make it very easy to search for names of places, names of people, dates, or any other key references. It’s a big job but Elena is a very fast typist so she’s making great progress.

Today John installed a neat modification on his truck and I helped him a little on one operation that required two people. John devised a way to add high quality Caterpillar fuel filters to his Chevrolet diesel pickup. The new filters will remove most of the emulsified water in the fuel and any contamination larger than two microns. The motivation is to prolong the life of the fuel injectors in the engine and avoid a very costly repair job. John designed an implementation that will make it very easy to change the filters and easy to bleed the air from the system.

Today Judy and Steve stopped by our site to introduce themselves. They have been reading our travel journal for some time and had corresponded with us a couple times so it was very nice to meet them in person. They just started their own full-time adventure this Fall after selling their home in Anchorage, Alaska. They said they had a very cold trip south!

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