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Platypus in Peterson reek

Tree Kangaroo

Curtain Fig Tree 2


We are still in Cairns, and today we are going to explore Tableland. Tableland is a part of Queensland that is known for their rainforest, wildlife, and scenery. We started the day with an hour drive to Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham. The ride was terribly curvy though, I was very car sick, and Greg and Claire also felt awful. When we finally arrived at the lake, we learned that they were crater lakes, meaning large craters formed them. We couldn’t swim in Lake Barrine, so we went to Lake Eacham for a swim. As soon as we arrived at Lake Eacham, it started to pour. There was thunder in the distance, but people were still in the water. We decided not to swim because we wanted to explore more.

After leaving the lakes, it stopped raining and we drove to visit the Curtain Fig Tree. The tree was extremely large; there were vines and all kinds of bark on it. It was made when a tree leaned against another and basically killed the other tree. The tree was the biggest, most elaborate tree I have ever seen. After seeing the tree, we went to lunch at a Dairy Centre. Greg says they made the best chocolate milkshakes he has ever tasted. We asked the employees to tell us where to spot tree kangaroos. Tree kangaroos are elusive marsupials that live high in the trees and are very hard to find. We were lucky to see one in a tree on a forest hike. After spotting the tree kangaroo, we wanted to try our luck at spotting a platypus. To find a platypus, you have to be at the right place at the right time. You also have to be extremely lucky. We traveled to Peterson’s Creek in Yungaburra, where it is almost guaranteed that you will spot a platypus. We walked along Peterson Creek for about two hours with no luck, but when we were finished we drove back to the beginning of the trail and there it was. We saw a platypus! It was brown and little, and completely adorable! It was just swimming around, digging at things with its beak. We were so lucky to see a platypus and a tree kangaroo in one day! We really enjoyed seeing this part of Queensland, with huge lush rainforests and rare wildlife. We had another wonderful day in Cairns, very full of adventure. We are trying to get everything done, at least as much as we can, and I think that we have been super busy, and I love seeing all the different aspects of Queensland

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