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The food Market

market in the morn

Teluk Nipah Beach Locals swimming

View from Teluk Nipah

I have finally become a morning person!The time different between Malaysia and Australia has made it that I woke up this morning at 6am! (10am Australian time) none the less Im getting tied early and waking early!... Well i did for 1 day...

When I left the hotel this morning Chinatown seemed unrecognisable. The night markets were packed up and there was actually a road where there had not been one the night before. I wandered down and found some little market with locals buying there fruit, veg, meat, seafood and breakfast. I pick up a nice curry Laska for about $1.50 which was delish! and started planing my day.

After getting some hot tips from the man at the hotel I made my way to Bukit Jalil a massive bus depot in KL and got on a bus to Lumut- a 5 hour bus ride. On the bus i met a fellow traveler Beni from Germany. We jumped off the bus and had a late lunch and jumped on the ferry to Pangkor were we booked into some very basic but clean accomadation. Pangkor is lazy island about 8km diametre off the West coast. It is so beautiful here- not heaps to do but lazy on the beach and relax- I think i might stay the week!

Photos to come.

"My favourite thing of the day"- The cute little girl I spoke to on the beach- I told her i liked her hat and she replied she liked my shoes... they are thongs!

"What i miss most"... Am i allowed to say nothing?!?!

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