From Snow to Sand 2010/2011 travel blog

11:00 am sunrise

Arriving at the Blue Lagoon

Sun is finally peaking over the mountains, but not for long!

Rough day at the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Drinking strawberry wine at the Blue Lagoon

Mom and I at the Blue Lagoon

They even have a swim up bar!

I'll take some of that blue stuff!

So excited for the swim up bar!

Blue drink at the Blue Lagoon

View of the Blue Lagoon

Silica mud mask!

Easy to float in the geothermal sea water!

View of the lava fields

Love all the fur!

Northern lights

Northern lights

Pushing the broken bus on a sub-zero night!

Today we head to the Blue Lagoon, a huge blue pool of geothermal sea water full of healing blue green algae, silica mud and mineral salts. It's amazing! We spend hours soaking in the hot water, slathering ourselves with mud, being pounded by the waterfall and sweating in the steam cave. It even has a swim up bar!

Iceland is highly volcanic and the geo-thermal heated water is everywhere! You can see it steaming in ditches, at the outdoor swimming pools and waterslides, out of the tap, etc.

In the evening we head out to view the Northern Lights. I have to confess, its bitterly cold and I spend most of the time trying to thaw out on the bus. The slight green glow in the sky is only entertaining for about 5 minutes, yet we hang out in the sub-zero temperatures for over 1.5 hours. The 2 photos I've posted were actually from our guide as I was too big of a baby to try and figure out the long exposure settings on my camera in the cold!

I temporarily panic when our guide announces that our bus has broken down (I have visions of freezing to death), but find it highly entertaining when he asks us to get off the massive bus and push! Now for that I'll bear the cold and snap some photos!

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