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Concrete Slab for Cess Pitt Mould


Finished Concrete Slab for Cess Pitt

19 books in 3 months!

Bunk bed we made and a sleeping Jona!

Hole for Charcol Burning

Compost Heap

Anaerobic Digestor

Water tank we cleaned out and put net on

The following items are things we got completed in the last few weeks in Vutikalulu, some have yet to be completed.

1) A-Frame

The is basically a pendulum attached to a giant A-Frame that acts like a spirit level for confirming terraces are flat with a +/-2deg tolerance. Garden Terraces are used on land that is steep and the terrace prevents the soil from getting washed down the hill after heavy rain.

The tolerance of +/-2deg can be calculated as follows:


r=distance of pendulum fulcrum to point of measurement

2)Charcoal Pit

We only got the hole dug for this, it was too wet too proceed with burning but see more info here:


3)Anaerobic Digestor

We weren't involved with this, but it was nearly finished when we came to the center, see more info below:


4)Compost Pit

We built this by digging a hole and splitting into 2 sections. We put all our waste food etc in here to break down to be used for compost. The only drawback was it was a mosquito breeding ground! The next volunteers will have to build a lid for it to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding.

5)Mending the Cess Pit

Our Cess Pit (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cesspit) got damaged, see picture attached of the wall and lit we made!

6)Bamboo Storage

After bamboo is harvested it must be placed in running water until it is treated. The last time we placed about 30 bamboo in the river they got washed away in the storm! To prevent this from occurring we modified the river, see attached!

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