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Pip and I at Colo-I-Suva

Levuka Main Street

Waitovu Waterfall

Mud Baths in Nadi

Sigatoka Sand Dunes#1

Sigatoka Sand Dunes#2

Hot Coal Walking in Pacific Harbour

Farewell Cava Session

Man and Cow!

All good things come to and end! And my time in Fiji is up. I have lived here in a jungle for 3 months with the locals, worked as hard as i could and traveled the beautiful country side as much as possible. Here are some things we got up to.

About 2 weeks ago we went to the island of Ovalau to the old capital of Fiji called Levuka. The ferry over and back was quite an experience (as i have discussed in other post called "Fiji Time!") and the it was raining and gloomy but we still had a great time in the town which looks like a cowboy town and drinking grog till all hours with the owners of the hotel. The highlight for me was going to a small village about 2km north of the town, presenting them with a small gift of cava and the locals taking us up to the amazing Waitovu Waterfall. We jumped off rocks and swam in the pools below see who could jump from the highest point. The locals always won!

When we came back to Suva i picked up my brother Ciaran, who flew in from Australia. He is going to spend 2 weeks in Fiji before we fly to New Zealand. It was great seeing him after a year and we spent the week catching up. During our last week in Waibau we visited the local park called Colo-I-Suva. It was a very beautiful forest park full of flowers and rock pools. The climax of the walk is swinging from a huge height into a giant pool and loosing 15 years of your life from fear in the process!

After finishing up in Waibau on the 3rd of December; Joe, Pip, Ciaran and I spent a week travelling the southeren coast of Fiji back up to Nadi. We spent 2 days in Pacific Harbour (accomodation was great but Pacific Harbour is very touristy and expensive, however we saw hot coal walking which was good!), 2 days on Sigatoka (Sand Dunes were epic but accomodation was dingy, it was the Korotogo beach so it was ok!) and finally 3 days in Nadi in a Resort called Horizon. We went to a mud bath and hot springs in Nadi and had a great time running around caked in mud. All the other volunteers arrived and we went out on the Wed night. I said my goodbyes and Ciaran and I jumped on a plane to New Zealand on Friday the 10th of Dec.

Cant believe my stay in Fiji is over. It has being my home for 3 months and i lived in a completely different culture to what i am used. I worked as hard as i could in Vutikalulu, i am very happy with the work we did which i supervised, i just wished we got more done, but that's always the way with Fiji time on your side! I am a bit apprehensive starting traveling more intensely, as i am going out of my comfort zone again, but this is what it is all about i guess!

Now onto New Zealand....

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